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2 1/4" X 185' Thermal (50/box)

2 1/4" X 185' Thermal (50/box) View full size

Reference: PRT225Q295

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  • Roll type : Thermal ( GSM 55 )
  • Roll length : 192 feet
  • Roll diameter : 3"
  • Roll (core) : 7 /16"
  • Quantity per pallet : 100 boxes
  • Quantity per box : 50 rolls
  • Parcel weight : 20 lbs
  • End-of-roll warning marks are carefully applied ensure user convenience and control paper waste .
  • Canadian made product to meet the highest reliability standards .
  • 5 year minimum fade resistant guarantee .
  • Roll width : 2 1/4"


Casio CET100   Hypercom 4100   Samsung SER7400 
 Casio PCR-T2000   Hypercom dpue247   Seiko DPUE240 
 Casio PCR-T465   Hypercom M196A   Sharp 01PU 
 Casio TE100   Hypercom T4100   Sharp ERA220 
 Casio TE2000   Hypercom T7plus   Sharp ERA450T 
 Casio TE3000   Hypercom T7PRA   Sharp UP600 
 Casio TE4000   Hypercom T7PRC   Sharp UP700 
 Casio TE4500   Hypercom T7PRR   Sharp XEA201 
 Casio TE7000   Hypercom TM-P60   Sharp XEA202 
 Casio TE8000   Omni 3210   Sharp XEA203 
 Casio TE8500   Royal Alpha 600SC   Sharp XEA302 
 Casio TEM80   Royal Alpha 9155SC   Sharp XEA302 Standard Register S40 
 Casio TKT200   Samsung ER5200   Verifone Omni 3200 
 Casio TKT500   Samsung ER5200M   Verifone Omni 3210 
 Celerex CX 1000 Remote Terminal   Samsung ER5215   Verifone Omni 3300 
 Citizen CBM262   Samsung ER5215M   Verifone Omni 3350 
 Citizen CBM270   Samsung ER5240   Verifone Omni 3740 
 Geller ML780   Samsung ER5240M   Verifone Omni 3750 
 Geller SX-580   Samsung ER650   Verifone Printer 350 
 Geller SX-680   Samsung ER650R   Verifone Printer 355
 Geller TL-550   Samsung ER650SS  and more …
 Geller TX-500   Samsung SER7000   

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