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  • We understand that as a high volume buyer, you require fast, reliable and personalized service.

  • Our website allows you to create separate pricelists to manage the needs of different departments or sectors of your clientele, simplifying the repeat order process.

  • Our website allows you to access your purchase history, enabling you to save time when placing a repeat order.

  • You have the option of receiving email reminders including the pricelist of your choice, sent on the dates of yourchoice. You can use these reminders to place your repeat order.

  • We can offer you customized pricing base on your total annual purchasing volume. Pleasefor further information.

  • We allow you to receive quantity discounts by mixing and matching products in your order. This helps you to minimize delivery costs and avoid having to overstock individual items in order to receive discounted pricing.

  •  We can drop ship or blind drop ship to the destination of your choice.

  • You can avoid delivery costs by coming to our warehouse to pick up your order. 


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