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3" x 85' 2-ply W/Y (50/box)

3" x 85' 2-ply W/Y  (50/box) View full size

Reference: PR2300Y300

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  • Canadian made product to meet the highest reliability standards .
  • Deliver a clean printing surface that minimizes paper dust and lint that can effect your printer . .
  • End-of-roll warning marks are carefully applied ensure user convenience and control paper waste .
  • Parcel weight : 25 lbs
  • Quantity per box : 50 rolls
  • Quantity per pallet : 60 boxes
  • Roll (core) : 7 /16"
  • Roll diameter : 3"
  • Roll length : 85 feet
  • Roll type : 2 PLY
  • Roll width : 3"

3" x 85' 2-ply rolls fit the following machines:

Addmaster IJ-2040 Epson M257  Ithaca 1500 POSjet Series Star  MP322
Addmaster IJ-2050-POS Epson M260  Ithaca 90 Plus Series Star  MP323
Addmaster IJ-3000 Epson M262  Ithaca Bankjet 1500 Star  MP342
Addmaster IJ-3080-POS Epson M264  Ithaca PcOS 151 Star  MP347
Addmaster IJ-9000-POS Epson M265  Ithaca PcOS 152 Star  MP352S
Addmaster MicrJET-POS Epson M267  Ithaca PcOS 153 Star  MP382
Addmaster MJ5000-POS Epson M270  Ithaca Per. PcOS 150 Star  SP300
AM Documentor 110T printer Epson M280  Micros 1200W  Star  SP311
AM Documentor 4700 Epson M280A  Micros 1300WMAIN  Star  SP312
AM Documentor Medallion Arcomatic 100 Epson M280V  Micros 1320WMAIN  Star  SP316
Anker Data Systems 40.0068  Epson M52JB  Micros 1370WMAIN  Star  SP317
Anker Data Systems 40.2064  Epson M63UA  Micros 1390WMAIN  Star  SP320
Axiohm A714 Epson RP265  Micros 1700 Star  SP321
Bixolon SRP-270 Epson RP265 Series Micros 1700MAINPTR  Star  SP322
Bixolon SRP-275  Epson RP267 Micros 2000 Star  SP323
Bixolon SRP-280 Epson TM051 Micros 2400 Star  SP341
BMC International CR280  Epson TM267 Micros 2415WMAIN  Star  SP342
Casio SP1300  Epson TM267 II  Micros 2700 Star  SP347
Citizen 9518/200 Epson TM267A  Micros 2700 RECEIPT & JOURNAL PTR  Star  SP348
Citizen 9520/50 Epson TM267B  Micros 4000 Star  SP349
Citizen CBM710 Epson TM267C  Micros 4000W  Star  UP389
Citizen CBM715 Epson TM267D  Micros 400344MAINPTR  Star Micronics MP 100 
Citizen CBM720 Epson TM267II Micros 4300395MAINPTR  Star Micronics MP 200 
Citizen CBM725 Epson TM270 Micros AUTOCUT2000  Star Micronics MP 212 
Citizen CBM730 Epson TM300 Micros Heavy Duty Kitchen Star Micronics MP 216 
Citizen CBM750 Epson TM-300A Micros PR282 Star Micronics MP 221 
Citizen CBM-820 Epson TM-300B Micros PR344 Star Micronics MP 231 
Citizen DP600 Epson TM300C  Micros TM-U200B Star Micronics MP 232 
Citizen ICL 9516 Epson TM300D  Micros TM-U300 Star Micronics MP 235 
Citizen IDP3410 Epson TM300PD  NCR 2061-5400 Star Micronics MP 236 
Citizen IDP3420 Epson TM801 NCR 7455  Star Micronics MP 242 
Citizen IDP3421 Epson TMU200  NCR K910JOURNALPTR  Star Micronics MP 246 
Citizen IDP3423 Epson TMU200A Nikko NK400  Star Micronics MP 292 
Citizen IDP3530F Epson TMU200B Norand 4810  Star Micronics MP 512 
Citizen IDP3530P Epson TMU200D  Omniprint OM100  Star Micronics SP200 
Citizen IDP3535 Epson TMU210 Omniprint OM200  Star Micronics SP2000 
Citizen IDP3540F Epson TMU210B  Omniprint OPC200  Star Micronics SP212FC 
Citizen IDP3540P Epson TMU210D  Panasonic 7000 Star Micronics SP212FD 
Citizen IDP3541F Epson TMU220 Panasonic JS-7000 Star Micronics SP216 
Citizen IDP3541P Epson TMU220A Panasonic JS7000MAIN  Star Micronics SP2320 
Citizen IDP3545 Epson TMU220B Panasonic JS7500REMOTE  Star Micronics SP2360 
Citizen IDP3546 Epson TMU220D Panasonic JS-8000 Star Micronics SP242 
Citizen IDP3550 Epson TMU230 Panasonic JS8000REMOTEPTR  Star Micronics SP246 
Citizen IDP3551 Epson TMU300  Panasonic JS9000REMOTEPTR  Star Micronics SP2520 
Citizen IDP4530 Epson TM-U300A Panasonic P100WP Star Micronics SP2560 
Citizen IDP4540 Epson TM-U300B Panasonic PM300  Star Micronics SP298 
Citizen IDP460 Epson TM-U300C Panasonic PM308  Star Micronics SP500 
Citizen PR385 Epson TM-U300D Samsung Bixolon SRP-275 Star Micronics SP512MC 
Citizen Systems CD-S500A printer Epson TMU325  Samsung ER350 Star Micronics SP512MD
Datamega DPN2700  Epson TMU370  Samsung ER550 Tec FDS300
Datamega TMU375  Epson TMU375  Samsung ERP200 Tec RE2000SLIP 
Epson 260 Esper and CRS 635 Remote Printer Samsung SMP200 Tec RE2500SLIPPTR 
Epson 270  Esper and CRS 735 Samsung SPR270 Tec RE3000SLIPPTR 
Epson 300D  Esper and CRS 855 Kitchen Printer Samsung SRP100 Tec RE3500SLIPPTR 
Epson ERC30  Fujitsu 7990 Samsung SRP200 Tec RKP300
Epson ERC34  Fujitsu 8770 Samsung SRP250 Tec ST5500
Epson ERC38  Fujitsu 9516 SAMSUNG SRP270C  Towa ET1420 
Epson J2000 Series Fujitsu 9520/150 Samsung SRP270D Uniwell TP420
Epson J2100 Series Fujitsu 9520/50 Samsung SRP275 Uniwell TP422
Epson M115ATMU375  Fujitsu 9620 Samsung SRP275C Uniwell TP522
Epson M119 Fujitsu Atrium BAR200 Samsung SRP280  Verifone 900R
Epson M119  Fujitsu/ICL 7770 Fujitsu 7880 Sewoo ADP-200 Verifone 950R
Epson M119B Hypercom P740 Sewoo ADP-300 Verifone P220
Epson M119D Hypercom P8  Sewoo ADP-400 Verifone P250
Epson M133A  Hypercom T77 Credit Card Printer  Sharp ER2975 Verifone P500
Epson M17JB  Hypercom T77F Sharp ER3210  Verifone PrintPak 310
Epson M188A IBM 4614 Siemens 70BEETLEPRINTER  Woojin ADP200 
Epson M188B IBM 4655 Siemens BEETLE70  Woojin ADP300 
Epson M188D IBM 4659 Star  MP300 Woojin ADP400 
Epson M250  IBM Sureone Star  MP312F  
Epson M252  ICL 9518/200 Star  MP317  
Epson M255  Ithaca 1000 POSjet Series Star  MP321  

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